Abandoned Water Park Hue – Thuy Tien Lake

Abandoned water park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Abandoned Water Park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake Introduction

Hue attracts tourists by the gentle beauty of Perfume River, Hue Imperial Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue Royal Tombs…Not only the poetic destinations, recent years, The abandoned Water park Hue– (Thuy Tien Lake) become a delightful destination for the backpackers.

Abandoned water park Hue-Best-Hue-City-Tour-Travel

Where Is Thuy Tien Lake And Why It So Famous?

About 10km away from Hue city center, Thuy Tien Lake, located on Thien An Hill has been abandoned for many years become attractive to adventurous people, including many foreign tourists who come to discover. Since after the article about Thuy Tien Lake Park as an interesting and mysterious destination on the HuffingtonPost (USA).

Direction To Get To Abandoned Water Park Hue

From Hue City Center, you go on the Dien Bien Phu Road, Turn left at the crossroad then keep going straight on the Minh Mang road, then connecting Khai Dinh road (the way to Khai Dinh Tomb). But at the middle of the way, turn right to a small road to Abandoned Water Park Hue (Thuy Tien Lake).

Why Abandoned Water Park Hue closed?

Thuy Tien Lake Tourist area was invested by the tourism company of Hue, started construction in early 2000. And in January 6/2004, many items were completed and began to put into extraction. However, due to the inefficient operation so late in 2011, the tourist area was closed to study new projects.

Abandoned water park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

By January 10/2014, this tourist area was sold back to HACO Hue Construction Investment Trading Corporation CO., LTD. After receiving the project, the company planned to build Thuy Tien Lake into a luxury ecological tourism area with an area of 63, 38ha. The complex including the convention center, spa services, restaurants, residential resorts, performing arts, recreation, and outdoor camping. In the middle of the project, the company went bankrupt so it became an abandoned water park as the present.

What is Thuy Tien Lake now?

Inside this abandoned tourist area; all the items of play and entertainment have been discontinued use for a long time and increasingly severe damage. The ceiling is broken into large pieces, exposing both the steel and wires outside.

Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

The mirror of the aquarium broke splashing all over the place. Inside the aquarium, there is a crocodile breeding area but now the crocodiles are gone and stink. The most attractive is probably the head of the dragon. Seen from here, Thuy Tien Lake Hue brings a romantic beauty but also mystery.

Abandoned water park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Not far from the aquarium area in Abandoned Water park Hue is a monumental water park but is also abandoned long ago. The sliding system is covered with moss. The pool area is full of dirty garbage. Besides the four buildings under construction unfinished abandoned only remain inert frame.

Abandoned water park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In particular, in the water music performance area, the stage is enclosed by moss. A monumental stand with a capacity of 2,500 seats now is only rows covered with weeds. Not only that, but the campus of the resort is also just a grass area for cows. It all makes the park more thrilling.

Abandoned water park Hue- Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Getting into the Abandoned Waterpark in Hue in 2020

Before it was easy to get into this water park. Now, it is very hard to get into Thuy Tien Lake because of the land usage rights argument between the local government and a church.

Thuy Tien Lake- Best Hue City Tour Travel

It takes you around a 20-minute drive from Hue city center to the abandoned waterpark Hue. Renting a scooter with helmets from your hotel in Hue city for about 100,000 VND (Roughly 5 USD) for the day. The water park is massive; so scootering is great because you can also drive among the attractions inside the lake. You also can take a Grab or taxi, tell them that you would like to go to Hồ Thủy Tiên and they’ll know where it is. Moreover, you can book Hue City Tour By Private Car via Best Hue City Tour Travel to have a free mind.

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