An Bang Beach Hoi An Introduction

An Bang Beach is a fairly new place for tourists when traveling to Hoi An. Different from the familiar peaceful old features of the Hoi An ancient town, this place is like a wonderful green jade. An Bang Beach Hoi An was voted by the US website CNN GO as one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world in 2011.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
An Bang Beach Hoi An

An Bang Beach Location

An Bang beach is located in Cam An ward, about 7 km southeast of the center of Hoi An ancient town. From the center of the old town, go straight along Lac Long Quan street towards Cua Dai beach. From there turn left onto Hai Ba Trung Street, just go about 2 km more to reach An Bang beach.

An Bang Beach Map

How to get to An Bang Beach?

Because the way to An Bang beach is quite simple, so you can easily come here by bike or motorbike in just 15 minutes. Lac Long Quan is a coastal road, so the view is very beautiful. This is the ideal way for young people who love hunting fabulous photos.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Another way to enjoy the An Bang Beach Hoi An and other must-visit attractions such as Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains, Bay Mau coconut forest, etc by booking Hoi An Tours via Best Hue City Tour Travel. We are the local expert in central Vietnam and we provide high-quality services. To us, your happiness is our highest target!

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The beauty of the An Bang Beach Vietnam

As a newly invested and developed tourist beach in recent years, An Bang beach Hoi An is still very wild and rustic. The pure seawater is like a clear emerald green color. Unlike the hustle and bustle of other beach resorts, An Bang Hoi An beach offers a sense of relaxation from its simplicity, a peaceful beauty but still strangely attractive.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Originally a beach of a fishing village, An Bang beach Vietnam today still carries simple and rustic features. Strips of blue sea spinach dotted on the smooth sand. On the beach, there are also a few basket boats, the means of transport can not be more sincere of the people of the sea.

Standing on An Bang beach, welcoming each wave of salt flavor, hearing the whispering waves, you will feel your soul relax. Immersed in the clear blue water, feeling like being emptied of all the dust of the city and the usual fatigue. This is a truly relaxing travel experience. Many people who do not like the noise and cramped city often come to An Bang beach Hoi An to enjoy the tranquility, the serene beauty of this place, to enjoy comfortable swimming, lie on a reading chair, bask in the sunny sea, quietly looking at the island of Cu Lao Cham in the distance

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Beautiful sunset on An Bang Beach Hoi An

Once you have traveled to the beach, it is impossible not to mention the sunrise and sunset. Because these two moments are when An Bang beach is the most beautiful. Whether the sun gradually opens or slowly disappears on the horizon, the rays of the sun still lay a layer of iridescent golden scales on the sea surface. All create a sparkling, extremely fanciful space.

An Bang Beach- The soul of the Ocean

You can catch the sunrise on the sea, which is more interesting than waking up early in a remote place. Step by step lightly on the smooth sand surface, the morning dew drops slowly, glide slightly on the coconut leaves, drifting gently into the sand. The sun slowly rises from the sea surface, the first warm rays of morning sunlight shone and the whole sea seemed to be in red. At this very clear water surface, it looks like a mirror reflecting the sun. At noon, when the sun is high, each ray of golden sunlight shines down on the ground, the whole sea creates a sparkling space like you are lost in a treasure trove of sparkling gems.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
An Bang Beach Vietnam

The eateries or resorts spring up here a lot. Walking around An Bang beach Hoi An, visitors will see small beautiful restaurants, open space, inward architecture. You can sit in the bar while sipping food and drinks while watching the sea. There are many huts with coconut leaves or palm leaves (palm umbrella) with open space, so peaceful, rustic. After swimming, you can lie on hammocks to rest and sunbathe.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Not only can swim in the sea, but visitors come here also try adventure games on the sea such as windsurfing, canoeing on the sea, or you can rent a canoe or water motorbike to travel around the shore sea.

An Bang Beach Restaurants

In addition, when coming to An Bang beach Hoi An, you can also enjoy many delicious plates of seafood such as squid, lobster, sea fish … which are attractively processed and the fresh and delicious specialties of Hoi An. All combined will bring you to feel the happiness overwhelming each of their senses.

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
An Bang Beach Hoi An Restaurants

Although it is a beach, when you come here you can still enjoy all the specialties of Hoi An such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, Hoi An breads, Stir-fried mussel cake, pancake, fish soup, grilled meat, wet cakes. Although it is not a new dish, it has a very specific and distinctive flavor, creating a specialty taste of Hoi An.

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An Bang Beach Hotels

Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
An Bang Beach Hoi An accommodation

Address: Block 7, An Bang, Cam An ward, Hoi An city, about 4.2 km from the city center.

The room rate at Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay is about 22 USD / day (about 500,000 VND).

With a convenient location, from the homestay guests can easily move to An Bang beach Hoi An and return to change clothes. Besides, Under The Coconut Tree Hoi An Homestay also has a private playroom for guests staying here.

An Bang Beach Hideway

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
An Bang Beach Hoi An Villas

Address: Block 8, An Bang Village, Cam An, Hoi An. The room rate here is from 33 USD / day, about 800,000 VND.

Although it is a villa rental, An Bang Beach Hideaway offers an attractive nostalgic space. The apartments with vintage architecture create a feeling of warmth and nostalgia is the attraction that makes this place a famous villa and is often fully booked.

An Bang Garden Homestay

An Bang Beach Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Beautiful An Bang Beach Hoi An Hotels

Address: Located on Lac Long Quan Street, right in front of An Bang beach.

The room rate at An Bang Garden Homestay is about 29 USD / day, equivalent to 700,000 VND.

An Bang Garden Homestay is the most suitable choice for travelers wishing to experience the scenery of An Bang beach in the early morning or evening.

An Bang Garden Homestay is also a hostel that integrates garden with open, wide, and airy space. The architecture here turns back to the Vietnamese countryside. Both bring a friendly feeling to domestic tourists and interesting experiences for foreign customers while staying at An Bang beach.