Asia Park- Sun World Danang Wonders is one of the leading amusement parks in Southeast Asia and is a tourist destination that definitely cannot be missed by visitors when coming to Da Nang city.

Asia Park Da Nang Introduction

Asia Park has put Da Nang in the Guinness Book of World Records, with the Top 10 highest wheels in the world. Sun Wheel is115m high (equivalent to a 25-story building). From that height, Da Nang is spontaneously beautiful with an open vision. The name “Da Nang Vision” probably comes from here.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang Sun World Wonders

Calling Asia Park Da Nang “park of records” because this place converges the most thing: Monorail – the most modern overhead train in Vietnam; Queen Cobra – Vietnam’s largest hang glider with 5 continuous 360 twists at an altitude of 34m; Golden Sky Tower – the tallest free-fall tower in Vietnam with a height of 47 m, equivalent to the height of a 13-story building.

Asian Park Da Nang location

Asia Park Da Nang is located at 01 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau Da Nang. Located next to the children’s cultural palace, opposite the Helio Center. This is considered a prime location, near the center of Da Nang city, quite convenient for moving.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Asia Park Da Nang opening hours

Unlike some of the other attractions, Asian Park Da Nang opening hours vary between weekdays and weekends. Usually Saturday, Sunday will open earlier so that everyone has more time to play and explore. Specifically as follows, please take note to arrange.

From Monday – Friday: Open 15h – 10pm. Saturday & Sunday: Open 9am – 10pm.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Asian Park Da Nang entrance fee

Currently, the entrance ticket price of Asia Park Da Nang is specified according to 3 levels: Ticket price for the local, ticket price for foreigners, and package fare (including entrance ticket and buffet). Below is the specific price for each item:

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Asian Park Da Nang ticket price for the local visitors

  • Adults: 100,000 VND
  • Children 1-1.3m tall: 80,000 VND
  • Children under 1m: Free
  • Asian Park ticket price for foreign visitors
  • Adults: 150,000 VND
  • Children 1-1.3m tall: 100,000 VND
  • Children under 1m: Free
  • Asian Park Da Nang ticket price package
  • Adults: 235,000 VND
  • Children from 1 – 1.3m: 135,000 VND

Note: The above prices may still change when it comes to holidays or at times with promotions, the price is even cheaper.

The ideal time to visit Asia Park Da Nang Vietnam

Actually, you can go to Asia Park Sun World Da Nang every day because this tourist destination is 7 days a week, including holidays and New Year. But if you want to play during the day and get more time to play in the park, then you should opt to go on Saturday or Sunday. At the weekend, it opens earlier at 9 am.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asian Park Da Nang

However, in the Asian Park Da Nang, most of the exciting games are arranged in the outdoor area. To join you should only choose the time frame from 16 – 17:00. At this time it was dim, the campus also began to light up very beautifully. In the case of going on 2 days above, you can start with activities in the house first to avoid heatstroke affecting the fun.

What to do at Asian Park Da Nang?

Explore the unique Asian cultural space

In Asia Park Da Nang Vietnam, visitors will discover an oriental cultural space. With many miniature models of 10 famous countries in Asia, including Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, China, Japan, India, Nepal. Just step in here, you can feel the different cultural domains.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang- Sun World Da Nang Wonders

Besides, you will also admire other unique architectures such as Clock Tower, Dragon Boat, The Gate, Buddha Statue, etc. It is those features that make this place a ” check-in” point thought of many tourists, especially young people.

Top favorite games at Asian Park

Sky Treasure

This is the thrilling game in Asia Park Da Nang that most young people participate in. You will sit with the group of about 20 people and run on the winding rails at a speed of 80km / h, for a period of about 2 minutes. The feeling will change constantly when you join and most people will be thrilled while playing this game. You must be very careful to participate, avoid vomiting when mentally weak.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Love Look

When you play you will sit in the seat and spin the circle at a very fast speed. It’s a good idea to choose someone with good stamina to hold you steady when the spin runs the fastest. It is advised not to play this game first as it will be difficult to play the next game. Children can also participate but must be accompanied by an adult.

Festival Carousel

Like the Ferris wheel you played when you were a kid, but it’s much more epic and much more beautiful. You will be able to sit on colorful horses, under shimmering lights if you play at night, and take beautiful memories while playing Festival Carousel at Asia Park Da Nang. The game takes place within 2 minutes and children under 90cm need to be accompanied by an adult.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Garuda Valley

This is a roller coaster game for kids that is very interesting to children. In one turn, 16 children will play and the game takes place within 90 seconds, children under 90cm will not be able to participate in this game, children from 90cm – 120cm in height need to be accompanied by an adult.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Queen Cobra

Queen Cobra is among the top adventure games in the world, now available in Da Nang Asia Park. This game lasts 96 seconds and 689 meters long, moving fast at 80km / 1 hour on the twisted track with the height of 34 meters of the track will give visitors a sense of adventure but also very exciting. Note, Queen Cobra is only suitable for adults and those with enough courage.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Queen Cobra Games at Asia Park Da Nang

Golden Sky Tower

Golden Sky Tower also is known as a free-fall tower. This is the world’s top thrilling game, inspired by the image of the golden tower in kinnara mythology. Currently, this is the tallest free-falling tower in Vietnam, giving players explosive moments. When playing, each person will be seated, fastened to a seat belt, the tower will take you up to the sky height very slowly. Above, you will listen to melodious, melodious music, and see the whole park. Then the tower drops at a “flying wind” speed. The game satisfies those who love thrills, want to conquer themselves.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Singapore Sling

Another thrilling game that you should not miss is the Singapore Sling. Perhaps this is the second most “terrible” feeling game in Da Nang Asia Park. When you sit in the seat and experience the feeling of spinning in the air with a height of 27m and a rotating speed of up to 65km / h. If you are a person who likes thrills this is a great game there.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel is the highlight of Asia Park Da Nang Vietnam. Built with a height of 115m with 64 cabins, speed 15 minutes/round. Slipped into the top 5 highest rotation in the world.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Sun Wheel at Asia Park Da Nang

From the height of 115m of this giant rotation, you have the opportunity to the panoramic view of Da Nang city. Capturing all the landscapes of Da Nang is nothing more interesting.

FEC Entertainment Park

FEC is an indoor play area. This place was built with a very large area with many fun and novel games such as Sun blaster shooting, the largest soft-play area, and games. If you don’t like challenging outdoor games, you can visit this zone. There are many video games, soccer, car racing, ball house, tube slide, etc.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang Vietnam

In addition, there are many other interesting games like Happy Choo Choo – This is a light train ride on a floating train, this game is only suitable for families with children because the train runs. very slow. Dino Island – dinosaur island, this game is extremely fun and everyone can participate. Ninja Flyer – this is a very fun game for both adults and children when you will transform into Ninja.

Asia Park Great Check-In Points

The Gate Door

As soon as you step foot on the Sun Wheel in Da Nang, a big gate door will appear in front of you. Built-in the ancient style of a very beautiful royal castle, you have to get your phone or camera to check in with a few photos to save there.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang

Clock tower

You thought you could only go to England to see the clock tower. However, come to Asia Park in Da Nang, you will admire the unique architectural features typical of 10 Asian countries. A beautiful clock tower is majestic. Take souvenir photos next to this clock tower with friends and relatives to help you save meaningful moments in this place.

Asia Park Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Asia Park Da Nang Wonders

Dragon boats

Da Nang tourism is famous for its dragon boat, Dragon Bridge … to the Asia Park Da Nang, you will see the dragon boat project with an area of ​​20m2 on the banks of the Han River. Enjoying the cool breeze of Da Nang blowing in from the sea, watching the city sipping a beer bottle will be an enjoyable experience when you come to Da Nang.

Buddha statue

This is the spiritual place of Asia Park-Sun World Da Nang where many people come to bless their families and relatives.

What to eat in Asia Park Da Nang?

You can purchase a combo ticket including a buffet. Asian Park Da Nang buffet restaurant serves more than 100 dishes originating from Asian countries. However, if you do not use this package and want to eat your own taste, you can visit one of the 3 restaurants arranged in the on-site dining area such as:

+ Panda Restaurant: Here you will find a lot of Chinese dishes.

+ Ninja Restaurant: If you are a fan of Japanese food, then Ninja will be able to enjoy it – the restaurant specializes in serving Japanese food.

+ Jummie Restaurant: This is a specialized space to serve Fast food dishes, ice cream, and dessert drinks.

How to get there to Asia Park Da Nang?

Asian Park Da Nang– Sun World Da Nang Wonders located at 1 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang. There are many different ways to reach there, you can book a taxi for your family, take a motorbike so more convenient, or for a great and comfortable trip, you may book Da Nang City Tour through Best Hue City Tour Travel.

Quick tips

  • You should book a ticket before going in advance to get a cheaper discount or ask the hotel to help you when traveling in large quantities.
  • Please choose to participate in the games that are right for you because there are many powerful games here.
  • When you buy a ticket through the gate with a red stamp on your hand, you must not delete it. Because when entering the amusement park they will check the seal if it loses you must buy tickets for each game.
  • To play hard, you should wear comfortable clothes such as jeans and t-shirts, sports shoes are indispensable for every game.
  • A few essential items such as sunglasses, sunshine cream, a wide-brimmed hat, photo bat, etc.

This is the full collection of all the experiences to visit at Asia Park Da Nang where is the top famous amusement park in Da Nang. Wishing you and your family, friends and relatives will have fun moments at Asian Park Sun World.