Elephant Springs Vietnam Introduction

Famous for a big elephant-shaped rock, cool water, and fresh air. Hue Elephant Springs is known for its pristine beauty of the mountains of natural forest. It is also famous for many interesting, unique dishes from the locals, attract a lot of tourists traveling to Hue.

Elephant Springs Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Elephant Springs Hue Map

Where is it? This is a common question of many tourists who want to visit this famous picnic spot in Hue. This attraction is conveniently located on the way between Da Nang and Hue. If you start from Hue, just pass the Phuc Tuong pass, go straight ahead about 6 km; then turn right, go about 3 km; you will get to the Elephant Springs Hue. If you are from Da Nang, go pass the Phu Gia Pass, then turn left at km 879 so you can head to the springs.

Elephant Springs Vietnam Feature

Hue Elephant Springs is great for the Summer picnic because of its beautiful views, clean and crystal freshwater as well as great foods.

Arriving at the Elephant Springs Hue, you will be overwhelmed by a masterpiece of natural creation: clear waters, white waterfalls … blend into the majestic mountains of nature to create a scene that is mesmerizing that makes you want to touch it immediately.

Elephant Spring Hue Vietnam is unique in that there is a rock shaped like a cute elephant lying prostrate on the shore, facing the stream with a deep lake. Coming here, you can freely admire, swim and soak in the cool, clear water without a ripple of Dam Voi located between two beautiful waterfalls up to 30m2 wide and up to 2m deep.

Elephant Springs Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

You can also see forest flowers showing all kinds of colors, large and small black rocks lurking under the flowing water of streams like mischievous elephants.

You should pay attention or rent a life jacket because of slippery rocks and the bottom of the stream is filled with big rocks. You can also rent a hut on the downstream side from the locals to take a break and enjoy the rustic dishes made by their own hands.

Elephant Springs Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

With our local experience, the Elephant Springs Hue costs VND 300,000 to get a waterfront hut and 1 delicious grilled chicken. Chicken’s visceral is cooked with noodles, this meal is enough for 2 – 3 people.

Or you can also order more such as steamed fish; grilled frogs, different types of streams of seafood prepared from boiled, stir-fried, fried, grilled… The food here is quite good, not too expensive. In addition, you can also bring your own food prepared, but do not ignore these unique dishes.

Entrance Tickets and How to get there?

Well, to get to this place, you can drive a scooter with helmets. Moreover, you can book Hue Private Car via Best Hue City Tour Travel. Or if you go to Hoi An from Hue, you should book Hue to Hoi An by private car so you can visit Elephant Springs on the way. It costs about VND 15,000/ person to get into the Springs includes the insurance.

Suoi Voi Hue

In addition, you take part in interesting experiences such as catching rock crabs, spring snails on cliffs. Or you can cling to the roots of the tree from above to swing through the streams to find a Thrilling sense of feeling and get some great pictures.

Elephant Springs Hotel

Traveling to the Elephant Springs Hue Vietnam, there are a lot of accommodation options for you from guesthouses to luxury hotels, resorts. Nearby the Elephant Springs Hue, Best Hue City Tour Travel recommend some hotels in Lang Co Beach such as Lang Co Beach Resorts, Thanh Tam Resort; Angsana Lang Co, Champa Lang Co hotel, etc.

If you have ever traveled to Hue or Da Nang, do not forget Elephant Springs Hue, an ideal place for your family to relax and enjoy life this summer!