Fujian Assembly Hall Introduction

Fujian Assembly Hall, also known as Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, is a religious relic of the ancient town of Hoi An, which is one of the favorite stops of tourists when joining Da Nang- Hoi An tours, an extremely famous place with delighted and deep beauty.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Fujian Assembly Hall in Hoi An

Address: Phuc Kien Assembly Hall is located at No. 46, Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Quang Nam.

Assembly Hall of Fujian Chinese History

Fujian Assembly Hall was built in 1690, by a group of people from Fujian (China) who moved to Hoi An to settle down. Legend has it that the forerunner of the Phuc Kien Assembly Hall in Hoi An is a small temple worshiping the Thien Hau Thanh Mau statue (the Sea goddess who blesses merchants who cross the ocean) recovered on the coast in 1697.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In the past, Hoi Quan was built entirely of wood and then rebuilt with the present brick and tile roof in 1757. Through many restoration and embellishment with the contribution of both time and effort of Chinese businessmen overseas, the assembly hall is becoming more and more spacious, contributing to embellish the appearance of Hoi An’s ancient urban architecture more special. On February 17, 1990, the Fujian Assembly Hall was granted a national cultural-historical relic.

Hoi An Fujian Assembly Hall architecture

The whole Phuc Kien Assembly Hall has a wide and deep space, featuring a unique, majestic, and magnificent architectural work through extremely delicate and vivid carvings. The architecture of Phuc Kien Assembly Hall in the “Tam” style stretching from Tran Phu street to Phan Chu Trinh street, about 120m deep, in the correct order: front gate – front yard – the Fengshui lake – bonsai trees – two blocks of East-West houses – main hall – backyard and back office.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel

The Campus

First, when you enter the three-door gate, you will see a rockery with the image of a carp becoming a dragon. Right after that is a large yard with many pots of ornamental plants, along with three aquariums arranged horizontally, 2 rectangular symmetrical lakes through a circular aquarium placed in the center.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel
The campus of Fujian Assembly Hall Hoi An

The Main Shrine

Next is the main hall. This is the place to worship the sea goddess, Lady Buddha Bodhisattva, God of Wealth, three pregnant Goddesses, and twelve midwives.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Fujian Assembly Hall

To the left of the main hall displays a model of a merchant’s boat dating from around 1875. The most remarkable thing here is the big and clear eyes drawn on both sides of the boat. According to the concept of the Hoi An, the eyes on the boats can see disasters and dangers in the sea.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel
The Sea Goddess altar

To the right of the main hall, they worship the Thien Ly Nhan (Holy eyes god) – a god capable of seeing thousands of miles away, and Thuan Phong Nhi – (the holy ears god) with a talent of hearing thousands of miles. These are considered two supporting gods for the sea goddess, helping to detect fishermen in distress at sea to help them.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In addition, the Assembly Hall is also a place to keep a lot of worshiping statues, bronze drums, bronze bells, incense burners, 14 panels, and many other valuable artifacts.

Fujian assembly hall religious activities

With many sacred stories circulated widely in folk, any Hoi An people or tourists who come to Hoi an always stop here to burn incense, pray for blessings and wish for good things in life or wish to have children.

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Fujian Assembly Hall is most crowded on holidays and the full moon. Every year, on the days like Nguyen Tieu (January 15th lunar month), Vía Lục Tánh (February 16 on the lunar calendar), for Thien Hau (March 23 on the lunar calendar) … there are many activities here. The festival attracts domestic and foreign tourists to participate.

Particularly on the 2nd day of February in Lunar, the Chinese in Hoi An also held a ceremony to worship the god of wealth with many offerings.

How to visit and Phuc Kien assembly hall entrance fee

We highly recommend you visit Hoi An ancient town, Fujian Assembly Hall with a local tour guide. So you should book the Hoi An City Tour, Hoi An Walking Tour; Hoi An Ancient Town and My Son Sanctuary tour, etc with Best Hue City Tour Travel. Book the tour with us, you will have a chance to understand more about our Culture, Customs, as well as local life. 

Fujian Assembly Hall- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Because the Phuc Kien assembly hall is one of the famous attractions in Hoi An ancient town so to visit it, you have to buy an entrance ticket. It costs VND 120,000/ adult and children under 10 years old are free.