Gia Long Tomb Introduction

Gia Long Tomb is the beautiful royal tomb of the founder of the Nguyen Dynasty. Over 13 emperors, 143 years of Reign (1802 – 1945), the Nguyen dynasty has left for Hue rather large heritage monuments.

Gia Long Tomb- Best Hue City Tour

Traveling to Hue, tourists usually only visit the mausoleums near the city center or where easy for transportation. Few people visit the tomb of Gia Long, although always an open welcome and free tickets to visit. Hopefully finished reading this article, you will find there is a reason to come here once.

Direction to the tomb of Gia Long

Perhaps more than 200 years ago, the emperor had preparation when he chose the place of his burial area. While there were many other perfect Fengshui places, the Gia Long emperor still listened to the geographical master Le Duy Thanh (son of scientist Le Quy Don) to choose the pristine Thien Tho Mountains.

As a Hue tourist attraction quite far from the city, the Gia Long Tomb is about 20 kilometers to the west. It is located in the village of Dinh Mon village, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district. The mausoleum is on a hilly area between the two lines of Ta Trach and Huu Trach of the Perfume River. Which is considered the location to attract all good things from all directions but this is the area completely isolated. A long time ago, the only means to get here were the boats.

Pristine Nature and Wonderful Landscape

The road to the tomb of Gia Long is shady and to be the most romantic road in the tomb’s system of the Nguyen dynasty. The mausoleum is located on the highest hill of the 42 small hills of the Thien Tho mountain full of green pines.

Gia Long Tomb- The Nguyen Dynasty- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Lotus Lake surrounded flowing through the tomb. The pink of the Lotus wings will be brilliant while in season, the lotus smell will spread throughout the hill. Far away is the flock of storks wandering in beautiful nature. The winding roads, all-year-round smell green pine.

Gia Long Tomb Hue Architecture

Each Hue royal tomb has its own setting and architecture that is the individualized personality of the emperor. Minh Mang’s tomb monuments are on a straight axis; showing the strict personality, the resolution of the most talented emperor of the Nguyen dynasty.

Tomb of Tu Duc is on a poetic valley showing the personality of an epic emperor. The Khai Dinh tomb with the delicate drawings on the ceiling and the bronze portrait statue showing the character of a lavish emperor.

The Court-yard in the tomb

But coming to Gia Long tomb Hue, we will find much simpler architecture and layout as shown the modesty of the emperor who has the success of bringing the letter S full of pride to the Vietnamese.


There is no symmetrical principle, not many relaxing palaces for the emperor to relax while visiting the mausoleum at the same location. The tomb was arranged horizontally, in the midst of the mausoleum is the burial area of the emperor and empress. On the right is the Minh Thanh shrine to worship the emperor and empress. On the left is Bi Dinh- a huge stone stele recorded “The Holy Spirit Stele” of Minh Mang emperor praised the father.

Gia Long Tomb- The Nguyen Dynasty- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Other constructions such as the Thuan Thien Empress shrine (second wife, mother of Minh Mang emperor), Gia Thanh shrine, etc are also simple, no-frills.

The Image of Happy and Faithful Love

The Tomb of Gia Long is the only place where the emperor and empress are buried together. Following the concept of “Double Happiness and Faith,” the Gia Long emperor to the left, and the empress on the right.

The double graves in the tomb

The picture of the two graves lies next to each other showing the deep love of the husband to his wife, who played an important role in the emperor’s life. It is a beautiful image of the faithful love of the Gia Long emperor that you will not find in other tombs.

How to get to Gia Long Tomb?

There are several ways you to get to Gia Long Tomb. So you can drive a scooter with helmets, take a dragon boat to go along the Perfume River. Moreover, to enjoy the views and understand more about this tomb, you can book the Hue City Tour By Private Car via Best Hue City Tour Travel.