Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities Introduction

Hue is a city with a lot of unique architectural constructions, temples, and pagodas bearing the historic impression of the emperors of the Nguyễn dynasty. Traveling to Hue, besides visiting historic places such as Hue Imperial Citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Tu Duc Mausoleum… You should visit the Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Where is it?

Hue Royal Antiquities Museum is currently under the management of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center. The museum is located at No. 03, Le Truc street, Thuan Thanh Ward, Hue City.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities History

It is considered the earliest established museum in Hue, in 1923. At the newly established museum called “Khai Dinh” Musee. After that, it was five times changed name: Hue Museum of Ancient Art.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Best Hue City Tour Travel

On Sept. 29, 1958, pursuant to the Decree 1479-DG/ND, the old museum renamed the Hue Museum of the Archaeological Institute, the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Vietnam.

At the same time, the ancient Cham room was merged into Hue Museum. Then the name was renamed as an antique Showroom (from 1979); the Museum of Ancient Treasures (from 1992) of the Hue Museum of Fine Arts (from 1995); and finally the Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities.

What is inside the Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities?

The main building of the museum is Long An palace built-in 1845 under the reign of the Tu Duc emperor. It exhibits more than 300 artifacts in gold; connoisseurs, porcelain, Phap Lam Hue; Royal clothes, the royal things; as well as the costumes of the Nguyen dynasty giving visitors an overall view of Hue’s royal family life.

Dien Long An Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In addition, in the Hue Museum of ancient treasures, there are also 700 artifacts including ceramics, glazed ceramics from the time of the Nguyen dynasty. There are also Chinese ceramics, Japanese, French… It can be said that the museum is a collection of ceramics of the Nguyễn dynasty and countries. In addition to antiques on display, the museum also stores thousands of other valuable artifacts.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Most of these are blue-glazed porcelain, commonly known as “Bleu de Hue” – also known as “Phap Lam Hue”. (Phap Lam or glazed bronze are products made of bronze or copper alloys, decorated with glazed surfaces to increase aesthetic value). This is a “style” of high-tech, manufactured by the Nguyen Dynasty, made from the furnace of famous ceramic production by the Chinese.

Based on the preference, the model, the size that the emperor of Vietnam asked in “orders”. Because of this, Phap Lam is an antique that does not have copies and is “unique” because they made by orders.

Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In ceramic stock, there are also some items made in France, Japan, UK, the USA… About 100 sets of clothes from the Kings, queens, princes, officers, and soldiers. There is also a lot of handmade artifacts quite nicely considered priceless.

How to visit?

Well, the Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities is quite close and easy to visit. You can walk there, take a Grab bike or book a Hue City Private Tour via Best Hue City Tour. It opens from 7 am to 5 pm every day and free entrance if you visited Hue Imperial Citadel.