Used to be the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, Hue is considered one of the cities having the oldest history and most distinctive culture in Vietnam. There are many sights of the ancient monuments, especially royal tombs that have attracted tourists from all over the world. There is a total of 7 tombs of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty scattered along the Perfume River. If you are already in Hue City and still do not know where to visit, here are the top Hue royal tombs to help you out.



Known as the last tomb built for the emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh Tomb is considered the most beautiful and laborious work. Although the area of Khai Dinh Tomb Hue is smaller than other previous ones, it has still attracted hundreds of visitors every month due to its distinctive structure. The tomb of Khai Dinh is different from other royal tombs in Hue as it is a combination of many different architectural schools such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Roman architecture.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour

Most of the materials in the Tomb of Khai Dinh Hue Vietnam are very modern like steel, iron, cement, etc. Khai Dinh Emperor had to send people to the French to bring them home. In addition, there are also many pieces of furniture that were imported from Japan and China.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Khai Dinh Tomb

Although Khai Dinh King Tomb was known to be wasted people’s money and efforts, we cannot deny that it has still been an exceptional work with remarkable cultural and artistic value.


Being known as the most gorgeous tomb of the Nguyen Dynasty in Hue Vietnam Royal Tombs, Tu Duc Tomb is the resting place of the Poet-Emperor Tu Duc.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Tomb of Tu Duc

With an extraordinary structure surrounded by lush green rows of mountains and trees, Tu Duc Tomb was built in accordance with a romantic and scholarly soul like Tu Duc Emperor.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour

The tomb of Tu Duc was built to clearly show the personality of the Tu Duc Emperor: majestic, powerful, and elegant. Such lotus lagoons, small bridges spanning the lake, and areas of pagodas filled with the smell of incense and smoke will definitely make you find it hard to forget your journey to Tu Duc Tomb Hue.


Located about 12 km away to the West of Hue City Center, on Cam Khe Hill, the Tomb of Minh Mang is the intersection of two rivers named Ta Trach and Huu Trach, merging into the charming Perfume River.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Minh Mang Tomb

There are many beautiful palaces and buildings constructed by skillful artists and workers that come up to the standard of significant artistic and aesthetic values.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour

It can be said that the beauty of Minh Mang Tomb Hue is the combination of classical, traditional, and Confucian colors but still remains the poetic and romantic substance. For a long time, Minh Mang Tomb has been totally outstanding with its unique beauty in the group of best royal tombs in Hue.


Gia Long Tomb is a splendid picture of the harmony between nature and architecture, in which nature is the main factor that has created the magnificence of the scenery.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Gia Long Tomb

The entire Gia Long Tomb Hue is a mountainous area of 42 mountains and hills of different sizes with their own names. The most enormous mountain named Dai Thien Tho (Enormous Thien Tho) located in the front of the tomb has been used to name the whole mountainous complex: Thien Tho Son (Thien Tho Mountain)

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour

The most unique feature of Gia Long Tomb that other Hue Royal Tombs do not have is that Gia Long Tomb is the only tomb where the king and his wife were buried together – with the conception of “Cang Khon Hiep Duc” (virtue made of heaven and earth) – a beautiful image representing constant happiness.


Unlike other royal tombs of Hue, the overall architecture of Thieu Tri Tomb Hue is an original combination and selection from such unique structural features of both the Gia Long Tomb and Minh Mang Tomb.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour

Like Gia Long Tomb, Thieu Tri Tomb has no “La Thanh” (the wall surrounding the tomb known as the tomb’s fence). In addition, tombs and buildings stand isolated and parallel to each other.

Hue Royal Tombs- Best Hue City Tour
Hue Royal Tombs- Thieu Tri Tomb

The Tomb of Thieu Tri Hue is similar to Minh Mang Tomb in the way of burial and the construction of “Toai Dao” (the underground tunnel leading the coffin of royal people to the official grave without being known), a circle-shaped “Buu Thanh” (a pine forest circle surrounded by a wall with a king’s tomb underneath) with a semicircular lake enclosing in the front.

Thieu Tri Emperor has laid here for years, having eternal sleep in the midst of a peaceful atmosphere in the countryside with his relatives, including his mother, his wife, and his kids. Without minding any changes in life, all of them have symbolized the simple beauty of family.

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These are the most impressive and beautiful royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty that you must visit when traveling to Hue.  If you still do not know what to do in Hue City. Please refer to our article: The Best Things To Do In Hue in 2023.  If you don’t have enough time in Hue, or you would like to have a guided tour, you should book the Hue Royal Tombs Tour, Hue City Tour Full Day via Best Hue City Tour Travel. we will make sure you have a great memory.