Lap An Lagoon Hue, Vietnam

Lap An lagoon Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Lap An Lagoon Hue Introduction

Lap An lagoon (also known as An Cu) is the large brackish lagoon in Hue, a part of Lang Co Bay, in Phu Loc district. Nestled on Gia Phu Pass, Lap An lagoon has an area of about 800 hectares. It is surrounded by the great Bach Ma Mountains, the blue of Lang Co Bay, and the small road to the mountains winding around the lagoon as a soft, shiny silk strip.

Lap An lagoon Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

What makes Lap An Lagoon so beautiful?

The most unique of Lap An lagoon is revealed when the tide down. In the middle of the lagoon will appear a white walkway, filled with beautiful shells (this is also called sandflats). The fairy landscape of the lagoon is like the “poetry” in the paintings, now more attractive by this “beautiful ” path.

Lap An lagoon Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Like the other mountainous areas, the most beautiful setting is when sunrise and sunset. Between the intersection of Earth, the water surface becomes the “boundary” of light and darkness interweaved, a blurred virtual illusion.

If you have a chance at the lagoon at the moments of these golden hours, the natural masterpiece is in your eyes. On sunny days, Lap An lagoon is illuminated like a giant mirror reflecting beautiful sunlight as well as the shimmering nature of Hue.

Lap An lagoon Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Lap An lagoon is also associated with the rustic of the locals. Commonly you can see the little boys in the midst of the vast lagoon, those who pick up the shellfish deep in the sand, oysters hiding in the lagoon. You will also find the love of the physical image, natural landscapes in the emotional flow that are difficult to describe by words.

The Great Time to visit

According to some of the shares of the locals, Lap An is beautiful all time of the year. But the most suitable time to travel here is about April to mid-July because the time period is summer. In this term of the year, the number of sunny hours longer, and less rain. Moreover, the sunlight combined with the crystal clear water is fabulous.

Hue attractions- Best Hue City Tour Travel

What to eat at Lap An lagoon?

Go to the lagoon for half a day, the phone or your camera memory is kind of full. Because honestly, if you just look at these fantastic views with the naked eye without saving some photos, it is a big waste. For those who are “virtual living”, the more difficult it is to choose photos. In addition, one of the main reasons to attract people coming to Lap An lagoon is the best fresh seafood. There is various seafood so you can taste and enjoy the gorgeous lagoon views.

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How to get there?

Lap An lagoon is great for a day trip, or simply stop by along the way from Da Nang to Hue to take photos and enjoy the panoramic views. Normally, tourists travel from Hoi An to Hue by private car, they would like to admire the natural beauty of Hai Van pass, Lang Co beach, and Lap An lagoon.

Lap An lagoon Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Moreover, if you would like to enjoy the wonderful Lap An lagoon on the way from Hue to Hoi An. You should book Hue To Hoi An by Private Car via Best Hue City Tour Travel.

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