Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Lady Buddha Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang Introduction

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang Vietnam is one of the three temples with the same name Linh Ung in Da Nang. It is not clear whether by accident or by predestined word that all three temples are located on prime positions of Da Nang city, forming a sacred “triangle” in the city.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang on Son Tra Peninsula

It is Linh Ung Pagoda Marble Mountain, located on Thuy Son mountain, of one of 5 Marble mountains. Linh Ung Pagoda Ba Na Hill is located on the towering high mountains of the resort site “Da Lat of the Central” and Linh Ung Bai But, Son Tra, halfway up the mountain – Son Tra peninsula. Linh Ung Pagoda Son Tra peninsula is the largest, newest, and most beautiful temple of the 3 temples.

Linh Ung pagoda location

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang

Linh Ung Pagoda is located on Bai But Son Tra Peninsula, (in Son Tra District, Da Nang), 10km northeast from the city center. This temple is located in the middle of Son Tra mountain, shaped like a turtle, standing here you will easily admire the beauty of the clear blue sky, the Eastern sea and enjoy the fresh air of the sea breeze.

Linh Ung pagoda Viet Nam History

During the reign of Emperor Minh Mang, a statue of Buddha drifted from out of nowhere to the sand here. The coastal fishermen have discovered that it is a good omen, they set up a shrine. And then, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva rescuing suffering to save people over the cycle of sadness, since then the waves were quiet, the fishermen were doing business better.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Since then, the sandy beach where the Buddha statue drifted on called Bai But, also known as the Buddha’s realm in the middle of the world, is also the place where Linh Ung Pagoda is built today.

What makes Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang special?

Great views from the primary location

Located on the top of Bai But mountain – Son Tra peninsula, the pagoda is easily seen from most locations in the city with the majestic shining statue of the Bodhisattva.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

The path to the temple is very big and wide, take a motorbike for about 10 minutes to reach the door of the temple, the sea gradually appears large. The day when the sky is clear and sunny, the cool breeze blowing from the sea makes anyone there feel lucky and happy. Luckily, to be able to see that majestic scenery clearly and peace.

The specialize architecture of Linh Ung pagoda 

The pagoda has a modern style combined with the inherent traditions of Vietnamese temples. Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang Viet Nam stands on a 20-hectare land area of ​​Son Tra Mountain with main items of the main hall, ancestral house, lecture hall, library, cafeteria, toilets, statues garden of the Arahants – and some unfinished constructions are still underway.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

The main hall is roofed with curved roof tiles in the shape of a dragon, large and solid pillars surrounded by very delicate dragons. This is an eternal traditional symbol of our people. The main hall has great capacity, is the most solemn and the purest place. The center hall worship the Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha, the right is worshiping Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and the left is worshiping Jizō King Bodhisattva, all three statues are made of bronze.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang Main Hall

Four deities of the protector and 18 Arhat were arranged in two rows on both sides of the road according to one rule, protecting the main hall. Each of them is an embodiment of the different levels of human emotions “joy, angry, loving, and hate”, making the scene here become extremely lively. Visitors who have ever set foot in Linh Ung Pagoda can not help admiring the Arhat statues which are depicted delicately, sharp but no less soft.

The tallest lady Buddha statue in Vietnam

The highlight of Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda is the statue of Guan Yin Buddha, which is considered the tallest in Vietnam with a height of 67m.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
The tallest Lady Buddha Statue- Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

The statue stands with its back on the mountain faces the sea, with one hand holding the seal while holding the bottle of nectar water on the other hand is likened to pouring peace for fishermen who are reaching out to sea. That is also the safety and peace desire of the Da Nang people.

The best time to visit Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

If you would like to enjoy Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang, you should come around March to September. At this time, the weather is quite dry and there is no rain and clear blue sky. You can clearly see all the scenery as well as the typical green color of this place. If you come here between September and December it can be a little difficult. It usually rains heavily, storms last for a month, creating fog and slippery roads.

Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang- Best Hue City Tour Travel
The beauty of Linh Ung Pagoda Da Nang

Quick tips

Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang is located close to the sea and is covered with many green plants. But coming here in the summer you cannot avoid the sultry sun of Da Nang. During the day, prepare yourself for a wide-brimmed hat, an umbrella to avoid the summer heat. At night when it gets cold, bring a spare jacket to keep your body warm.

Do not wear high heels when going to the temple. Ideally, you only need a pair of bata shoes or low sole shoes. 

In particular, you should avoid wearing shorts. A discreet outfit will be more appropriate when it comes to this sacred place.

Linh Ung pagoda entrance fee

It is 100% free so there is no entrance fee to this mecca. You can enjoy this beautiful temple with even no parking fees.

How to get to Linh Ung pagoda Da Nang?

There are many ways to visit Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra peninsula. You can rent a motorbike, take a taxi or book Da Nang to Monkey Mountain Private Car with an English speaking driver via Best Hue City Tour Travel. Your happiness is our highest target.

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