Tan Ky Old House Introduction

Tan Ky ancient house in Hoi An was built by the original Chinese owner of the Tan Ky business brand in the late eighteenth century. Until now, it has become one of the most beautiful architectural works in Hoi An. With the history more than 200 years old, preserved intact through 7 generations of the Le family, and recognized as a national monument in 1985, Tan Ky old house possesses countless unique and attractive features attracted a lot of visitors to Hoi An.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Tan Ky Old House Hoi An

Tan Ky ancient house architecture

Like other ancient houses in the old town system of Hoi An, Tan Ky old house Hoi An belongs to the architecture of the tube house, divided into 3 compartments with different functions and without windows: The facade of Tan Ky ancient house is the business store, the sky-well space in the middle plays the role of providing light, and ventilation for the whole house and the back is connected to the river wharf for goods import and export.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Wood is the main material used by the owner to build the house, besides wood, there are also stones and tiles. Bluestone brought from Thanh Hoa province, it is the new type of stone that prevents the wooden pillars from decay after all that time. Floor tiles are Bat Trang bricks, it makes the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel
The Old House of Tan Ky

Tan Ky old house is also made by the most skillful hands of artisans in the famous Kim Bong carpentry village of Quang Nam. The motifs, patterns, and structures on the house all carry the meanings, colorful messages, and Eastern philosophies.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

The special feature of this house is that it is built without using a nail. The panels and wooden slats are fitted together entirely by mortise but still “self-standing” firmly. It is this impressive space that “attracts” film and television crews to come and perform the scenes.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In addition to the main features of local architecture, the design of the Tan Ky old house has features influenced by Chinese and Japanese architecture. The roof frame system was influenced by the Japanese. The three horizontal bars represent Heaven – Earth – Human. The five vertical bars represent the 5 basic elements of the Universe. The harmonious architecture of the house expresses the dream of harmony between people and nature.

The precious antiques in Tan Ky Old House

Currently, the ancient house of Tan Ky still preserves many valuable antiques with high cultural and archaeological value. In it, we have to mention the Confucius cup. The Confucius Cup is one of the treasures of the Tan Ky family and the only one in Vietnam. In the cup, there is a statue of Confucius and a hole at the bottom. When we pour the water into the cup below 80% volume, water does not flow out. When we pour over 80% volume, all the water will drain. Confucius teaches us a lesson, in life, everything must be in moderation. We have to know the limit and balance between richness and happiness. If not, one day, we will lose everything.

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Another unique and precious antiquity is the collection of Bach Dieu, written in 100 strokes, each stroke is a bird in flight. In addition, in the Old House of Tan Ky, there are also many antiques from the 18th century, such as the Ty Ba vase, the ancient cigarette pipe, the bowl, or Chu Dau pottery from the 15th century …

Tan Ky Old House Hoi An- Best Hue City Tour Travel

These precious antiques have been kept at the house, contributing to prove a flourishing time of Tan Ky trading store in particular, Hoi An in general.

Tan Ky ancient house Hoi An address

Tan Ky Old House is located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An city center. Not only tourists in the world, even the heads of state, the national politicians also visit this place many times.

The Tan Ky ancient house Hoi An has been ranked as a special relic by the Ministry of Culture – Sports & Tourism, has been included in movies and television and has become the most visited house in Hoi An since 1983.

How to visit Tan Ky Old House Hoi An?

Old House of Tan Ky is one of the must-visit attractions in the old town so to fully enjoy the house and learn more about local life, culture, traditional customs, and other destinations such as My Son Sanctuary, Marble Mountains, Bay Mau Water coconut forest, etc. You should book Hoi An ancient town and countryside tour; Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary Tour, Hoi An Walking TourBest Hue City Tour guarantees the quality of the tours!