Thanh Toan Bridge Hue is one of the few bridges that possess unique architectural features remains in Vietnam. Because of the fabulous beauty and emotional stories behind it, this bridge has become a famous destination and attracts a lot of tourists every day.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Thanh Toan Bridge History

Thanh Toan covered bridge was built in 1776 by Ms. Tran Thi Dao- a wife of a high-ranking Mandarin under the reign of Le Hien Tong King. She is the daughter of one of the 12 initial families who came here with Nguyen Hoang lord in 1601.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In Thanh Toan village, where she lived, there is a large cannel so the people had to use boats to go to the other side. It was pretty dangerous, especially in the rainy season. Could not give birth and with her big love for the village, she donated all her saving money to build a wooden bridge to help the villagers. Moreover, it is also a place where people can take a break, stay safe under the rain and the sunshine.

This good fame came to Le Hien Tong king, he made a decree to honor and worship her. That is the reason why there is a solemn altar in the middle of the bridge. Nowadays, the Thanh Toan tile bridge is a national heritage of Vietnam, a pride of the Hue people.

How to get there?

Thanh Toan Bridge Vietnam is at Thanh Thuy Chanh village, Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy ward, Hue City. It is just about 7km from Hue city center. So you can ride a bike, drive a scooter with helmets, or book Hue City Private Tour via Best Hue City Tour Travel.

If you start from the Hue city center, you can go straight on To Huu street, to the end of the road, you turn right, at the intersection with Hoang Quoc Viet Street, turn left, from here you go directly towards Thanh Toan village market, you will see Thanh Toan tile roofed bridge.

Thanh Toan Tile Bridge Architecture

It is not a normal bridge, this special bridge was designed following the Thuong Gia Ha Kieu style “The bridge with a big house on it”. As you know, It is not functional as a bridge to cross but also a house to protect the villagers under sunshine and rain.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

The bridge is about 18 meters long and 5 meters wide, divided into 7 spaces. On both sides of the bridge, there are 2 wooden platforms and handrails to take a break. In the middle of the bridge is a solemn altar to worship Ms. Tran Thi Dao. Plus, on the roof of Thanh Toan Bridge is the green royal tiles.

What else to visit at Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Vietnam?

Visiting Thanh Thuy Chanh Village, if you come here early in the morning, it is a great chance to enjoy the real rural Vietnam market. You can feel the freshness of the air, rice paddy fields, as well as the myth of rural life. It would be nice to drink some Vietnamese coffee and enjoy local life.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

On the way to Thanh Toan bridge, you will see a lot of beautiful village temples, farming works on the green rice fields, water buffalo, and duck farms as well.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

If you love agriculture and would like to understand more about farming works so you should visit the Thanh Toan Agriculture Museum here. A lot of wonderful photos and agriculture tools, as well as the old lady here, will tell you a lot of interesting information.

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Annual Festivals At The Village

At each Hue Festival, in Thuy Thanh commune, there is the ceremony of welcoming the spirit of Ms. Tran Thi Dao. This procession is the opening ceremony for the “Home market Festival”, one of the cultural-tourism programs in the framework of the Hue Festival.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In the Hue Market festival at Thanh Toan Bridge, a lot of local specialties exchange from different villages as well as folk- games and small boat races. If you would like to have a full day tour to visit Thanh Toan Bridge as well as other must-visit attractions in Hue city. You should contact Best Hue City Tour Travel to customize the private tours.