Thuan An Beach Introduction

Thuan An Beach is one of the famous tourist sites of Hue. It offers a rustic peaceful beauty in the pristine wilderness of beautiful nature.

Thuan An beach Hue Vietnam- Best Hue city Tour

Thuan An Beach is at  Thuan An Town, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province. The sea is located right next to Thuan An Sea. Where the perfume River flows toward Tam Giang lagoon and then pour out to the Eastern Sea. For a long time, Thuan An Beach has been renowned as an ideal cool tourist destination in the Summer.

Thuan An Beach Direction Guide

From Hue city center, it takes 15 minutes by taxi, 30 minutes by motorbikes and 45 minutes by bikes so you can get to Thuan An beach.

From Hue city to Thuan An is just 15 km, so to get there, the fastest route is you should go on the Pham Van Dong street, at the intersection, turn left, then go straight ahead until you meet the beach.

On the way to Thuan An, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful rural views of Hue such as the rice fields, small rivers, family temples as well as the beautiful Tam Giang lagoon.

What to do at Thuan An Beach Hue?

Enjoy the beautiful beach with long white sands

It is only 1 km long but it is quite famous and very beautiful. The difference among Thuan An beach Hue with other beaches is there are no seashells on the beach, and the seawater is way saltier.  Maybe that is a gift from Nature gives to Thuan An.

Thuan An beach Hue Vietnam- Best Hue city Tour

Spending 1 day at Thuan An beach, you will have the opportunity to admire the changing of  “sea face”. That’s when Dawn shines, the first rays of sunshine are out of the horizon, waking up a whole beautiful area.

Thuan An beach Hue Vietnam- Best Hue city Tour

When the Sun is high, the strong waves crash on the shore, making beautiful white bubbles. But the best time to swim is in the late afternoon, when the sunshine is weak. The moment of the sunset, the sea becomes cool by catching winds from the sea to the magnificent beach. This is the ideal time for all tourists flocking to the beach or just hanging around on the sand to enjoy the foot massage on bare feet.

Enjoy the Local Specialties and Fresh Seafood

Thuan An beach Hue Vietnam- Best Hue city Tour

The Impression of tourists about the beauty of this place is that it brings mystery as the personality of Hue people is a little unspoiled but very gentle. You can wander on the beach during the night or enjoy the flavor of a fresh wine in the village. Fresh seafood such as shrimp, shellfish, squid,…baked on the fragrant charcoal stove at the beach and specialties such as Banh Loc, Banh Nam… These are traditional dishes of the locals here.

The Spiritual Land

Thuan An Beach not only attracts tourists by the beautiful beach but also the spiritual land that makes the cross look for prayer. The Thai Yang Temple with the achievement of the goddess protects of the village is full of devotion; Visit the Whale Temple, the spiritual animal of the resident of the sea.

Thuan An beach Hue Vietnam- Best Hue city Tour

on January 11, 12, you can admire the sea worshiping festival from the villagers. In the solemn festival, a lot of fishermen from different parts of Hue coming here to wish for a good season and safety.

How to get to Thuan An beach from Hue?

Well, there are many different ways to get to Thuan An such as taking a bus Hue to Thuan An beach; take a taxi, ride a bike; drive a motorbike with helmets or book Hue Private Car from Best Hue City Tour! The best company in Hue, Vietnam.

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