Tour overview

Besides Hoi An tours, such as Hoi An food tour and Hoi An day tourBest Hue City Tour also offers Hoi An By Night Walking Tour. This night walking tour is for those who love colorful and multi-shaped bright lanterns along with the romantic night scene of Hoi An Ancient Town. When you book this Hoi An night walking tour, our local professional guide will take you to discover all the famous attractions in the old town.

Hoi An Walking Tour By Night-Best Hue City Tour
Hoi An By Night Walking Tour – Best Hue City Tour

In addition, you will explore the Hoi An night market and enjoy the Hoi An lantern boat on the Thu Bon river to drop the flower lanterns to make a wish. It is a unique thing that Hoi An day tour does not have.

Hoi An By Night Walking Tour-Best Hue City Tour


What Will You Get In Hoi An Walking Tour By Night?

  • You will have four hours to explore the old town with an excellent, professional, dedicated tour guide.
  • Get an in-depth look at Hoi An’s local life and culture from your guide, old town people and further exploration by yourself.
  • Enjoy the World’s Best Banh Mi Sandwich at Banh Mi Phuong restaurant.
  • Take a Hoi An lantern boat on the Hoai River (one part of the Thu Bon river) to admire the scenery of the old town at night.
  • Release flower garlands and colored lanterns on the Hoai River and make wishes.
  • Explore Hoi An Night Market and Hoi An Lantern Market.

Hoi An Night Tour-Best Hue City Touur

Details of Hoi An Night Tour Itinerary

Your Hoi An walking tour at night will start at 5:30 pm when our guide picks you up at your accommodation in Hoi An. To have enough energy ready for the 4-hour Hoi An Night Walking Tour, we will eat a specialty of Hoi An first. Therefore, we will walk to the No.1 bread sandwich restaurant (Phuong Bread) to enjoy the most delicious Banh Mi in the world.

Hoi An Night Tour-Best Hue City Touur

After that, we will start walking around Hoi An ancient town area to watch the shimmering, brilliant scene at night in the old town. When night falls, thousands of lanterns will be lit up in the old town. Hence, it is an extremely romantic space, so you can take photos or videos to keep memories.

banh mi phuong-phuong bread- Best Hue City Tour

Hoi An Night Market – Hoi An Walking Tour By Night

After walking around Hoi An Ancient Town, we will continue to Hoi An night market. On the Hoi An Night Walking Tour, our professional guide will show you how to negotiate with sellers. From there, you will get a reasonable price when buying souvenirs here.

Hoi An Night Market-Best Hue City Tour

Besides, you will also see the hustle and bustle of Hoi An people when coming here. Additionally, by interacting with the locals, you can gain a deeper understanding of their way of life and culture. Moreover, the tour guide will also introduce Hoi An nightlife more clearly for you.

Japanese Covered Bridge – Hoi An By Night Walking Tour

An iconic of Hoi An ancient town is the Japanese Covered bridge. When night falls, the Japanese Covered bridge becomes more beautiful and shimmering than ever.

Japanese Covered Bridge-Best Hue City Tour

The bridge is illuminated by twinkling lights and constantly changing colors, and in front of you is a beautiful multi-color picture. Hence, walking around and taking photos of the brightly lit Covered bridge is a great experience traveling to Hoi An.

Hoi An Lantern Market – Hoi An By Night Walking Tour

Continuing with Hoi An private night tour, we will explore Hoi An lantern market. This market is the ideal place to admire the unique beauty of multi-colors and various shapes and sizes of lanterns.

Night Walking Tour-Best Hue City Tour

What’s more? You can go inside the locals’ houses to watch the lantern-making process. If you want, you can also try making lanterns under the guidance of local people. Otherwise, you can buy lanterns to give to your friends and relatives or decorate your house.

Hoi An Lantern Boat

The last thing you will experience in the Hoi An Night Walking Tour is to immerse yourself in the romantic nighttime scenery on the Hoai River by Hoi An lantern boat.

Hoi An Lantern Boat-Best Hue City Tour

We will take a Hoi An lantern boat ride along the Hoai River to admire the ancient town of Hoi An at night. Besides, you will have a fantastic opportunity to drop some Hoi An’s flower lanterns on the Hoai River to make wishes. This is sure to be a wonderful and memorable experience.

Hoi An lantern boat-Best Hue City Tour

After all, our tour guide will show you the way back to your hotel in Hoi An, or you can continue to visit the ancient town on your own. The journey to explore Hoi An by night walking tour is now finished.

Best Hue City Tour, thank you for trusting and choosing our service. We hope to serve you more in the future and wish you a great experience in Hoi An ancient town in Vietnam!


Children policy

  • Children under 5 years old are free of charge
  • Children from 6 to 12 pay 50%
Group Size From 1 to 2 people From 3 people
Price Per Person 40 USD 35 USD


  • Excellent local guide
  • Banh Mi Phuong Bread
  • Sampan boat on Hoai River
  • Hoi An entrance fee
  • Bottles of water

Not Included

  • Pick up and drop off outside Hoi An city center area
  • Personal expenses