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Did you know that you can taste Hue street food by taking part in Hue Food Cyclo Tour? Best Hue City Tour designs the Hue Street Food Tour by Cyclo to provide you the chance to experience both things: sitting on a cyclo and exploring the taste of local dishes in Hue.

With the Hue street food tour by cyclo, you will taste many famous dishes of Hue, enjoy the fresh air and take photos of Hue while sitting on the cyclo as well at the same time.

Moreover, our English-speaking tour guide will definitely help to introduce to you what dishes you would taste and the best way to enjoy them. Come to Best Hue City Tour Travel to be experienced the best Hue street food tour at a reasonable price.


To begin with, in order to help you understand more about our Hue culinary tour by cyclo, we will describe the tour’s itinerary information as follows:

Firstly, we will start the Hue Street Food Tour at 5:30 pm. At that time, we will come and pick you up at your accommodation. Our cyclo men will ride you on Hue’s crowded streets, where you can immerse yourself in the bustling motorbike traffic as a true Hue citizen.

Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

The first and foremost delicious Hue food you would taste is the trio specialties of Hue Imperial City: Banh Beo, Banh Nam, and Banh Loc. Do not worry if you don’t know what they are. As not only can you enjoy the dishes at the best restaurant in Hue, but you will also be introduced by our food guide to the recipes and how to enjoy them.Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

Once we finish them, our cyclo men will take you to a famous street restaurant to try out Bun thit nuong. You will be served a bowl of tasty grilled pork vermicelli. However, this dish is usually served with peanut sauce. Thus, if you are allergic, not only to peanuts but to any of the ingredients, please let us know. We will change the food or type of sauce that fit you well. Thanks to that, we can help you fully enjoy the Hue food tour in a safe way.Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

Continuing the tour of Hue cuisine by cyclo, Bun hen (vermicelli with small mussels) is the next local flavor you will explore. With a special blend of spices, just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

Then, it is time to have some sweet things! In case you don’t know, Hue is famous for having many kinds of Che (Hue sweet soup). Therefore, our Hue street food tour guide will take you to a Riverside restaurant along the Perfume River to enjoy them.

Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

After that, we will go to the last spot of the day: Lac Thien restaurant to try out Banh Khoai – the best Vietnamese crispy rice pancake. It is savory, tasty, and crunchy. What a good dish to end the Vietnamese Food tour in Hue!

Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

At the end of the Hue Street Food Tour by Cyclo, we will get back to your accommodation. Say farewell to our team and wish you a goodnight.

Lastly, if you want to explore more about the taste of Hue cuisine, here are some Hue famous local dishes you should know:

  • Banh Uot – Grilled Pork Wrapped in Wet Rice Paper
  • Vietnamese Coffee – Black coffee/Condensed milk coffee
  • Bun Bo Hue – Hue Beef Noodle Soup
  • Cha Hue – Hue Sausage
  • Banh Ram It – Hue Fried Sticky Rice Dumplings
  • Me Xung Hue – Sticky candy with sesame

Hue street food tour by cyclo-Best Hue city tour

Best Hue City Tour hope you enjoyed this food tour and have a great time in Hue Imperial City. If you have any questions or want to book our Hue local food tour by cyclo, please feel free to contact us right away via Whatsapp: +84349825119.


  • English speaking tour guide
  • Cyclo
  • All food as dinner
  • Bottle of water

Not Included

  • Personal expenses, Tips.