Truong Tien Bridge Introduction

Truong Tien Bridge in Vietnamese ( Cầu Trường Tiền or Cầu Tràng Tiền) is one of the symbols of Hue. It is 402,60 m long and consisting of 6 rings of steel beams each part, aperture at 67 m. Bridge gauge 6 m, designed following Gothic architecture, across the Perfume River. Northern Bridge in Phu Hoa Ward, Southern end of Phu Hoi Ward; In the heart of Hue city in Vietnam.

History and its names

Following the Vietnam history, the Truong Tien bridge was built under the reign of Le Thanh Tong king. Originally, it made of rattan tightly tied together and connected, so it called “Cau May” means Cloud Bridge. In 1896, Thanh Thai emperor ordered to build a steel bridge to connect the Perfume River.

Truong Tien Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Until 1897, The bridge was redesigned and constructed by Gustave Eiffel by steel. Later on, it had several renovations and especially in 1946, during the Vietnamese- French war, the 2 steel beams broken by bombs but in 1953, it was repaired.

Truong Tien Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Again in 1968 during the Vietnamese- American War, the bridge was heavily damaged so a temporary bridge was built for people can cross the river. In 1975 it got the name Truong Tien until now. In 1991 it is completely restored.

Truong Tien Bridge and Perfume River Hue Video

How to visit and get there?

Truong Tien Bridge Hue connects 2 bands of the Perfume River so it is in the Hue city center. To visit this poetic bridge, you can walk along the river bank to the dragon boat station to enjoy the cool breezes and gorgeous views. Especially in the evening, Truong Tien Bridge is so colourful with lights changing.

Truong Tien Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In the daytime, you should take a dragon boat to go along the Perfume River to enjoy the beauty of Hue as well as the romantic views of small fishing boats, water buffalos as well.

Truong Tien Bridge Hue- Best Hue City Tour Travel

In the Nighttime, if you would like to have a special and sweet memory with your sweetheart, you should book the tour Dinner Cruise on Perfume River via Best Hue City Tour Travel!