Vong Canh Hill Introduction

Vong Canh Hill, a fabulous natural landscape of Hue, possesses beautiful natural scenery with the perfect combination of mountains and rivers. It has been becoming an ideal destination for all kinds of people.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

Traveling to Vong Canh Hill Hue, visitors will be delighted to see the beautiful Hue from above, breathe in the fresh air, and capture for themselves many wonderful selfie photos and many other interesting experiences.

Where is it?

Vong Canh Hill is located at 102 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Thuy Bieu Commune, in the south of the city, 7 km from the city center. This hill is 43 m high, face the Perfume River.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

Traveling to Vong Canh Hill Hue, you not only see the immense pine forest and mossy roofs in Huong Ho, Hai Cat village. In particular, from the high position, you will see Hon Chen temple, the gentle Perfume River, and many different attractions.

However, Vong Canh hill is not very popular so perhaps that’s why it still retains its wild, intact character. If you are looking for a place to relax, and enjoy the scenery, and selfies, this is definitely an ideal place that you should note right away.

Vong Canh Hill Hue History

In the past, Vong Canh hill was the place chosen by the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty as a stopover for sightseeing and relaxation. With its geographical location, converging all the elements of water, rivers, and mountains (ideal Fengshui), so there are a lot of Hue royal tombs built in this area such as The royal tomb of Tu Duc, Thieu Tri Tomb, Dong Khanh Tomb, etc. Through the up and down of history, this place is still beautiful, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

What makes Vong Canh Hill so attractive?

It is not randomly that people voted for Vong Canh Hill to be the most beautiful spot to see Hue from above. Anyone coming here has to admire its picturesque beauty.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

Vong Canh Hill appears in the middle of Hue as a beautifully natural picture with a view of mountains and rivers very lyrical. It is such a fairyland that the creator has offered this place.

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The two sides of the road leading to the hill are lined with pine trees, the higher you go, the more you will immediately feel the cool breeze. But the most important thing is the view from above. From the hill, you can embrace the beauty of Hue’s insight. Plus, you will see the green orchards interspersed with pine conifers, the tiled roofs of temples, mausoleums, etc., and the clear blue Perfume River, winding like a silk strip wrapped around majestic mountains.

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Coming to Vong Canh Hill Hue at dawn or dusk, visitors will be mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery. You will be able to witness the change in mountains and rivers with your own eyes. The moment the sun slowly rises from the back of the mountain, shining on the pine forest a magical red and yellow. A dreamy and mysterious beauty that makes people feel nostalgic.

What to do at Vong Canh Hill?

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views

Located at an ideal height, Vong Canh Hill has cool weather. Morning is the time when the air is freshest. In the afternoon, there is a nice breeze, and the sun is also less harsh, a great time for sightseeing and relaxing after stressful working days.

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Ideal place for a selfie

In addition to enjoying the scenery, Vong Canh hill is also the perfect place to selfie. The poetic, romantic scenery of the river view, the mountains, and especially the tall pine forest, … just stand in and create a few basic poses, and you can have a picture that makes netizens admire.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

A perfect place for a picnic

According to Hue’s travel experience, you can also choose Canh Vong hill to make a camping stop with relatives and friends. It’s quiet and cool here, so you don’t have to worry about noise. Bring your tent to the mountains to camp overnight, sing songs and organize barbecues. Wake up in the morning, welcome the dawn, and sip a cup of hot tea, watching the sun gradually rise.

Vong Canh Hill- Best Hue City Tour

How to get there?

It is quite easy to get to Vong Canh Hill. You can drive a scooter with a helmet, ride a bike as well as take a taxi. If you would like to maximize your time in Hue, you can combine visiting Vong Canh Hills with other attractions such as Tu Duc Tomb, Thuy Xuan Incense village, and Tu Duc Tombs. The best way is to book Hue City Tour By Private Car or Hue City Private Tour via Best Hue City Tour Travel.