Bay Mau Coconut Forest Introduction

A lot of people did not expect that in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, where imprinted with history, ancient architectural works, appeared a Bay Mau coconut forest. Coming to Hoi An Bay Mau Coconut Forest, you will feel like losing in the West of the river. Do you like the feeling of paddling or basket surfing through rivers, canals, small ditches, the two sides are crowded water coconut trees, experience being a fisherman, or participating in water games?

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Cam Thanh Water Coconut Forest

Lets with Best Hue City Tour Travel experience the Bay Mau water coconut forest Hoi An – one of interesting activities of our Hoi An Sunrise Fish Market Tour, to understand more about local life, Vietnamese culture, customs, and enjoy the interesting activities with the locals.

Bay Mau Water Coconut forest History

Previously, this area only had about 7 hectares of nipa, with a discreet and dense terrain, so it was chosen by our army and people to be the revolutionary base. Aim to make a safe haven as well as make use of the coconut forest to sortie, bring back the resounding victories at that time. Now, when the coconut forest has grown to hundreds of hectares, people still keep the name Bay Mau coconut forest, to remember a period of fierce resistance against the French and the Americans.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Bay Mau Coconut Forest Village

How to get to Bay Mau Coconut Forest?

Go to Bay Mau coconut forest by bike or motorbike

Very suitable for young people who like to explore by themselves, if you go by bike you can take the initiative to return to the old town is also very convenient and especially it is cheap. If you are in Da Nang, rent a motorbike for yourself, but if you are in Hoi An, you should go by bike. Although they are cheap, they are not suitable for large groups of people, families with small children.

Go to Bay Mau coconut forest by car

The best way to get to Bay Mau water coconut forest is by private car with an English speaking driver. If you would like to join the basket boat rides, go fishing crabs with local fishermen, do Hoi An cooking class to become a local Masterchef; you should book the Hoi An City Tour and Countryside, Bay Mau Coconut Forest Tour via Best Hue City Tour Travel. You book the tour and we will make you happy!

Directions to reach Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest

The coconut forest is quite close to the Hoi An ancient town so it is easy to find it, so we suggest 2 main routes to get there:

The first way: From Bach Dang boat station, located right in the old town of Hoi An, take a boat down the Thu Bon river, you will reach the coconut forest.

The second way: This is the roadway, it only takes about 10 minutes. From the center of the ancient town, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street, to Cua Dai bridge, just go 500 meters more to arrive.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest entrance fees

In the past, when the Bay Mau coconut forest was not built into an eco-tourism area, people come here for free, but since 2017, it is required that visitors to visit must buy tickets.

The entrance fee here is about VND 30,000/ person and if you want to take a basket boat ride to enjoy the beauty of the water coconut forest, it costs you about VND 150,000/ boat/ 2 people/ 45 minutes.

Interesting activities at Bay Mau Coconut Forest

Enjoy the Hoi An Basket Boat Rides

Take a basket boat ride to go fishing crabs with local fishermen is one of the interesting activities here. You will have a chance to sit on the basket boats to go around the pristine water coconut forest, immersing in the fresh scenery. Moreover, you will learn how to paddle the basket boats, using the simple tools to catch local crabs.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Riding the basket boats

Challenge yourself with the amazing Basket Boat Dance

After the sightseeing on the special basket boats, there will be an extremely skillful “basket boat dance” of the locals. This is also the most interesting activity but also very “scary” because no one has the courage to participate. Usually, middle-aged fishermen will be the performers, impressively powerful, and flexible basket rotations. During the performance, the outside viewers continued to shout and clap along.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Souvenirs made from coconut leaves

Join the basket boat rides, you will fall in love with the gifts from the people here. Although it is just a flower, a grasshopper, a ring, or the watch but is extremely cute, a symbolic image of the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the locals.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Learn how to catch fish by a fishing net

Another activity that you should not miss is learning to throw the fishing net to catch fish on a sampan. The local fishermen will guide you on how to throw the net skillfully and beautifully. Many people also take this opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Especially under the sunset, the rustic fishing net image will certainly become artistic.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel

Learn how to cook the local specialties

Hoi An cooking class is the most interesting activity here. You will have a chance to join the competition among the tourists to learn and then try your best to cook some specialties such as Grilled Marcorels, Fried Springs Rolls, as well as the Vietnamese rice pancakes.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Hoi An Cooking Class at Bay Mau Water Coconut Forest

After the cooking competition, the local Masterchef will announce who would be the new Masterchef of the day. Plus, you will enjoy what you have just cooked as your lunch!