Hue Entrance Fee Monuments In 2024

Hue entrance fee in 2024 is the latest information about all the entrance fees at landscapes, historical sites released by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre. Traveling to Vietnam, you should visit Hue city, a must-visit destination in central Vietnam. If you are a first-time visitor, you might concern about the Prices of ticket fees to the Complex of Hue Monuments. Know that request, The Best Hue City Tour update, and give you the latest information about Hue Entrance Fee Monuments in 2024


1. Prices of ticket fee to the Complex of Hue Monuments


The venue, tourist route

(Unit: VND/tourist/ticket)

Hue Entrance Fee

 (For both international and Vietnamese tourists)



(age: 7 – 12

or 0.8 – 1.3m)




Hue Imperial City (Hue Imperial Citadel – Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities)




Hue Royal Tombs: Emperor Minh Mang’s tomb; Emperor Tu Duc’s tomb; Emperor Khai Dịnh’s tomb




Other Hue Royal Tombs and constructions: Emperor Gia Long’s Tomb; Emperor Thiệu Trị’s Tomb; Emperor Dong Khanh’s Tomb; Hon Chen Temple (Hue Nam Temple); An Dinh Palace; Nam Giao Esplanade.




Tourist Routes (Hue Entrance Fee 2020)


Combo of 03 venues: Hue Imperial City – Emperor Minh Mang’s Tomb – Emperor Khai Dinh’s Tomb




Combo of 04 venues: Hue Imperial City – Emperor Minh Mang’s Tomb – Emperor Tu Duc’s Tomb – Emperor Khai Dinh’s Tomb




Tickets of all venues (visit all of the above-mentioned venues)



2. The expiry date for all tourist route entrance tickets:

a) The validity of combo tickets of 3 and 4 venues: 02 days.

b) The validity of tickets of all venues (visit all of the above-mentioned venues): 02 days.

c) The single-site tickets: 1 day.

3. Hue Imperial City (Hue Citadel) opening hours

As you know, the open time of all tourist sites of the Complex of Hue Monuments is from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm every day even on Tet holidays. The ticket selling time is from 7 am to 5 pm every day at the ticket booths.

4. Sightseeing regulations (Hue entrance fee 2024)

On July 12, 2002, the Vietnamese Government issued the sightseeing regulations for all domestic as well as international tourist who visit all tourist sites in Vietnam have to follow the laws below:

Hue entrance fee 2020- Best Hue City Tour Travel
Imperial City Hue entrance fee 2024- Best Hue City Tour Travel
  1. Buy entrance tickets before entering historical sites. You must present your own ticket at the entry.
  2. Read carefully all historic site regulations.
  3. Do not carry flammable, explosives, poisonous substances, or weapons into the visiting sites.
  4. Wearing polite costumes and keeping quiet in solemn places.
  5. No smoking indoor, pine tree areas, and other flammable places.
  6. Do not pick flowers or twigs, hunt or draw on historical relics.
  7. Do not lie, sit, graffiti on, or touch the artifacts.
  8. Get off vehicles, stop the engines, and take off sunglasses and masks (if any) for security checks and specific requests.

5. Hue Imperial Citadel (Hue Citadel) map.

6. Transportation to visit the Complex of Hue Monuments

Well, you can visit the Complex of Hue monuments Vietnam by bikes, motorbikes with helmets, or by cars as well as dragon boats on the Perfume River Hue. Moreover, you can book Hue City Guided Tours:

Hue City Group Tour- Deluxe Group Tour 

Hue City Tour Half Day

Hue City Tour- Private Tour Full Day

Hue Street Food Tour

Hue Royal Tombs Tour

 All Hue entrance fee is included in the tour!

These are the useful and updated Hue entrance fee monuments in 2024, Best Hue City Tour Travel wishes you have a great time in Hue with us!

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